Measure your cart's performance

Are 73% of your carts getting dumped?

According to, "73 percent of online sales are now abandoned before the customer completes the transaction".

And bizarrely, that percentage is rising.

Is that bad news? Actually, no. Because on average, your competition has set the bar low. And apparently, is busy lowering it further.

Today's online shops fail to convince the majority of would-be buyers. Internet shoppers are floating voters: crying out for a viable candidate and prepared to ditch their fledgling preferences at the drop of a hat.

... the average site can increase its conversion rate by 35.26% solely through better checkout design.

Christian Holst, Baymard Institute

And when Christian talks about the "average site" in his study, he's talking about the likes of Walmart, Amazon, Wayfair, Crate & Barrel and so on. In other words, significant enterprises who had a few bazillion bucks more than you or I to help them get to "average".

E-commerce can be non-stop party, a remorseless drudge or anything in between. Even slight bottle-necks of cognitive resistance or small stumbling-blocks will be repeated and magnified. Day in, day out. 24/7. 365.

So how's your online shop doing?

Are you mining the rich seams of above-average cart conversion?

Or are you munching along with the herd that only succeeds 31% of the time?

Are you making the most of a huge opportunity or passing it by?

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