Conversion improvement - raise where it pays

Why focus on the checkout?

In ecommerce, at least, people using carts are your best prospects for a sale

If your visitors are needlessly ditching their carts, your faithful horse is dying so close to the finish line he could almost have dropped over it.

By coaxing that first product into the cart, you've overcome nearly every business challenge in the book. It truly is the result of a long road: probably paved with your cash, blood, sweat and tears. But when those widgets are safely in the cart, finally ... finally you've hit pay dirt. Or have you?

It's all for nothing if the user dumps the cart

So close! A real person with their attention focussed on a live shopping cart. Briefly beyond the reach of the internet and all your competition. The fate of all your investment now hinges on the success of your checkout process.

You've paid a heavy price to create this moment. This is where making a mistake costs you the most. And where getting it right creates the biggest pay-off.

Because testable is best

What are 100 visits to your home page worth to you? I'd argue, nothing.

But that live shopping cart? What's that worth to you? It's pretty much worth the value of the cart, which is quantifiable. Like the balance of a bank account, it's something we can start to reason about, because we know what it's worth.

In a nutshell, we can ...

  • Measure what your cart conversion rate really is
  • Find out your value conversion rate (money you got from carts versus money lost in abandoned carts)
  • Begin to reason about the potential pay-off for checkout improvement
  • Develop ideas about how cart conversion could be improved
  • Test our ideas and measure whether or not they worked
  • Pocket the cash - day in, day out - 24/7 - 365

Cart Conversion improvement