Video evaluation of your checkout

Because I program this stuff, I relish buying anything online. But I'm only satisfied with the shopping and checkout experience on about 1 in 5 sites.

I'm actually pleased with the checkout experience a lot less than that. The only first-time buy that pleased me at all in the whole of 2017 was at, for example.

Although it can be painful, it normally pays to have an impartial third-party take a look at things in the cold light of day.

88% of Web buyers say that they have abandoned an online shopping cart without completing a transaction. This is the same percentage as five years ago, suggesting that retailers have yet to address the primary drivers of cart abandonment

Forrester Research, Inc.

I'll make you a video of my experiences and thoughts as I buy something on your website. You'll be able to ...

  • See it from someone else's point of view - trust me, it's easier that way
  • See how I rate your checkout compared to the web as a whole
  • See if there are some fairly obvious improvements that could be made
  • Get ideas for improvement that could be tested
  • Get important evidence to show to other decision makers

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