Simplify the checkout routine

Who enjoys filling out web forms? No one. It's work. But none of the women on a spree in the fashion boutiques of the world will tell you they're "working". In a bricks and mortar store, it's entertainment.

So it should come as no surprise that long, complicated checkout routines are the third biggest kill-factor on the web - weighing in at 27%

Not long ago, I bought a laser printer online. During the checkout, I was forced to enter my email address no less than 4 times. For real!

Cruel and unusual, you might say. But I think it demonstrates what anyone who's programmed an online store will tell you: they're no push-over from a technical point of view. And once they're working - however badly - a lot of companies shy away from tinkering with them.

You'll be able to type your email after shopping at this site

But further evaluation and improvement of the user experience is potentially a huge pay day in terms of checkout success. Wouldn't just a simple walk-through of this site's checkout make the owners question whether it's productive to force a would-be buyer to enter their email 4 times?

The Baymard Institute specifically mentions that checkout users have acute radar for being forced to type in the same data more than once. And it's even more laborious, of course, if the user's on a mobile phone.

This "data double whammy" is just one of a laundry list of checkout issues that cause cognitive resistance and depress sales.

Have you ever stopped to ask, "Could my site's checkout usability be improved?"

If not, right now is a good time to ask. Because right now I'll do it for you FREE, as part of my free evaluation of your online checkout.